Thunder Over Lolo Pass

April 2011

The three McCloud brothers know the Bitterroot Mountains better than most anyone in the territory. So it’s not so unusual that someone would ask their help to find a missing person in those rugged mountains. What is unusual, however, is the someone who comes to them. Roberta Morris, a lovely young lady, is worried about her uncle who is prospecting for gold somewhere in the Bitterroots, but her family has not heard from him in over a year. His last message inferred that he had struck it rich.

Of course, the brothers, Cullen, Jug, and Cody are more than willing to help the damsel in distress. Problems arise, however, when they learn that Frank Burdette and his lawless companions are also aware of her uncle’s strike, and are intent upon stealing it for themselves. To further complicate things, everyone in the Bitterroot Valley is concerned over reports that Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Indians are crossing the Lolo Pass into the valley to escape the soldiers trying to drive them to the reservation.