A Man Called Sunday

June 2012 No one knew much about Luke Sunday. He was said to have lived for some time with both the Cheyenne and the Crows. They only knew for sure that he came into Fort Laramie with a party of Crow warriors to volunteer as a scout for General George Crook in a campaign against […]

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Death is the Hunter

February 2012 The heat was becoming unbearable as he carried his mother’s body back through the kitchen and out the flaming back doorway. Once outside, he tried to draw deep breaths of fresh air into his aching lungs as he laid her body on the cool ground, then quickly stamped out the flames that were

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Outlaw Pass

October 2011 Adam Blaine was always content to stay on his family’s cattle ranch on the Yellowstone. Unlike his brother, Jake, who never could resist the open road – or the prospect of gold. But when Jake doesn’t return home, Adam sets off looking for him, never expecting to find hell waiting for him. Because

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Left Hand of the Law

July 2011 After a corrupt deputy killed his family, burned down his home, and left him with nothing but a sword scar across his face, Ben Cutler came back to settle the score. The townsfolk called it justice, but a judge called it murder – so now Cutler is on the run, a wanted man.Trailed

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Thunder Over Lolo Pass

April 2011 The three McCloud brothers know the Bitterroot Mountains better than most anyone in the territory. So it’s not so unusual that someone would ask their help to find a missing person in those rugged mountains. What is unusual, however, is the someone who comes to them. Roberta Morris, a lovely young lady, is

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Ride the High Range

December 2010 Young Jim Moran has never had a real family, but his sense of honor and razor-sharp instincts have earned him a loyal partner who introduces him to a new life with an Indian tribe – and a new name: Rider Twelve Horses. Amazon Paperback , eBook and Audiobook Amazon Large Print Barnes &

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War Cry

August 2010 Will Cason, cavalry scout at Camp Supply, rescues a young widow named Sarah from an ambush by Cheyenne warriors. Will’s deadly skill with a Winchester rifle results in the deaths of several Cheyenne and earns him a mortal enemy in the person of Bloody Hand, a Cheyenne war chief. After seeing Sarah and

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Storm in Paradise Valley

April 2010 Jason Storm has had a career any lawman would be proud of, but now he’s ready to take off the badge and begin a peaceful life as a modest cattle rancher. With the help of a generous benefactor, Storm is able to make a fresh start in Paradise Valley. But trouble comes in

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The Blackfoot Trail

December 2009 Despite his apathy toward white folks, mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly agrees to lead a group of settlers through the Rockies to Oregon. Taken aback by their appreciation, he soon finds himself enjoying their company – especially the attentions of young Callie Simmons. That is, until her parents warn Joe to keep his

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Shoot-out at Broken Bow

August 2009 Outlaw Roy Blanton has raised his four sons in the family business – robbery, cattle rustling, and murder. But when U.S. Deputy Marshal Casey Dixon hauls Billy, the youngest Blanton, in to the gallows to hang for murder, he invokes the wrath of old Roy and his sons and is marked for death.

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