Montana Territory, Book 3 of the John Hawk Series

To Hell and Gone

July 2023 Book 1 of The Hunters Series From acclaimed, Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West, the first in an epic new series about the making of an American legend. Set in 19th century Yellowstone, this is the story of Crazy Wolf. Orphaned in a massacre. Raised by Crow Indians. Destined to become a powerful […]

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Montana Territory, Book 3 of the John Hawk Series

Montana Territory

July 2020 Book 3 of the John Hawk Series Raised among the Blackfoot, John Hawk is a valuable asset to the US Army. As a military scout at Fort Ellis, he is able to cross the line between two worlds—and help keep the peace. But when he disobeys a direct order from his commander, Hawk

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No Justice in Hell,Book 2 of the John Hawk Series

No Justice in Hell

April 2018 Book 2 of the John Hawk SeriesSpur Award for Best Western Paperback Novel On his way back to Fort Ellis, renowned army scout John Hawk encounters three women on the Mullan Road, the road the army built from Fort Benton to Walla Walla in Washington Territory. It took only a glance to see

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hell hath no fury charles g west ebook, large print book

Hell Hath No Fury

March 2018 Book 1 of the John Hawk Series To start their new life together, Jamie Pratt and his young bride join a wagon train bound for the Bitterroot Valley. They get as far as Helena when their unscrupulous wagon master deserts, leaving the settlers stranded. The others on the train decide to settle near

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crow creek crossing, ebook, large print book

Crow Creek Crossing

July 2014 CROW CREEK CROSSING Book 1 of the Cole Bonner Series Newlyweds, Cole Bonner and his wife, Ann decide to join her sister’s family on a journey to a piece of land her brother-in-law had purchased on Chugwater Creek in Wyoming Territory with plans to buy their own land close by. Trouble starts when

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Vengeance Moon

January 2007 Book 3 of the Matt Slaughter Series On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, Matt Slaughter is lying low in the badlands with a new life and a new woman. But old trouble is right behind him in the form of P.D. Wildmoon, a bounty hunter who never plays by the

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The Hostile Trail

The Hostile Trail

September 2006 Book 2 of the Matt Slaughter Series In the winter of 1866, partners Matt Slaughter and Ike Brister are camping in the Bighorn Mountains. A clash with a Sioux hunting party led by war chief, Iron Claw, turns the knee-deep snow red with blood and creates a bitter hatred for the two scouts

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May 2006 Book 1 of the Matt Slaughter Series When war came to the Shenandoah Valley, Matt Slaughter and his older brother, Owen joined the Confederate Army to defend their homeland. When the cause was lost, the brothers returned home only to find that Owen’s farm has fallen into the hands of swindlers. When Owen

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Cruel Rider

December 2005 Book 3 of the Jordan Gray Series Bill Pike wasn’t born a bad man. It took years of hardscrabble living a a cruel, violent nature to forge Bill into the savage killer he became. When his wife runs off to escape his violence, Pike goes after her for a reckoning. When Polly Pike

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