reno's island charles g west

Reno’s Island

Laura Hammond, an advertising executive, and the daughter of Senator Eugene Hammond, a crime-fighting congressman, is abducted from a shopping mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spirited away by two mobsters who are members of a Philadelphia crime family, she is held prisoner on an uncharted island somewhere off the coast of Florida. An unlikely hero […]

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The Marble Hill Hotel

The year is 1950. Young John Reed, a newly graduated Textile Engineer, lands his first job as a trainee in a Goodyear mill in the small town of Rockledge, Georgia. His financial situation dictates the necessity to seek a room in a boarding house for bachelor mill workers. From his first day at the Marble

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The Tenant

Jesse Campbell is a sociopath, horribly disfigured, monstrous in size and wanted for murder. He is spotted on a construction site next to a research hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Resisting capture, Campbell attacks police, killing one and wounding another. He is mortally wounded with a bullet through the brain. Dr. Chris Warren, a transplant specialist,

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