Stand-alone Books by Charles G. West

Slater’s Way

July 2015 Ne’er-do-well small-time outlaw John Slater Engels becomes the victim of a hanging when he kills a man in a saloon fight. His death leaves a desolate widow, a young son, Jace, and Engels’ partner, Henry Weed. Weed, a man of little character moves in on his late partner’s widow, much to the disgust of young Jace. Trouble comes early for Jace when he determines to recover his father’s body from the hanging pole. In the process, he is forced to shoot a man. To escape a posse, the boy flees to the nearby mountains. He is fortunate to ...
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The Devil’s Posse

March 2015 Logan Cross and his younger brother Billy find themselves at the end of a cattle drive in Fort Pierre, Dakota Territory with no plans beyond returning to Ogallala to sign on with another drive. Their plans are changed when they are offered a job to help drive a herd of horses to Sturgis, in the foothills of the Black Hills. However, before leaving Fort Pierre, they have the misfortune to encounter Jake Morgan and a couple of his gang in a saloon. Jake’s rough treatment of a prostitute finally reaches the point where Logan has to step in. ...
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Trial at Fort Keogh

December 2014 When Sioux raiders descend on the Yellowstone Valley threatening not only the livestock, but the local residents as well, Clint Cooper’s tracking skills are sought by the army to track them. Not everyone appreciates his efforts to protect the people of the nearby town of Miles City. The crooked lawmen of the town have an agenda of their own and Clint winds up right in their way. They want him eliminated, so they try to turn the people of the town and the cavalry from Fort Keogh against him. Amazon Paperback and eBook Amazon Large Print Barnes & ...
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Wrath of the Savage

March 2014 When a band of Blackfeet Indians attacks two homesteads along the Yellowstone River, they leave behind nothing but wreckage and blood. Lieutenant Bret Hollister is charged with finding two women who were taken hostage by the Blackfeet. But when an unfortunate mishap results in the massacre of almost his entire patrol, he’s forced to return to Fort Ellis a failure. Betrayed by the survivors of his patrol, Bret is stripped of his rank and resigns from the army in shame. But he hasn’t forgotten the two women whose lives are at stake. So with the help of old ...
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Silver City Massacre

January 2014 After Lee’s surrender ending the Civil War. Lieutenant Joel McAllister decides to resign his commission in the Confederate Army. Having had enough of war and the army, he decides to go out to Idaho Territory to join his brother, who has a mining claim near the town of Silver City. Joel’s long faithful sergeant, Riley Tarver asks to go with him, so the two partners head west through Comanche country. Along the way, they increase their party to four when they come upon a woman and a young girl, the only survivors of a Comanche attack. Joined later ...
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Mark of the Hunter

October 2013 The image of his mother’s death had been etched upon his mind so clearly, a picture that would dwell in his subconscious forever. Cord Malone was only twelve years old when his outlaw father and one of his gang returned home after several months on the road. Always a stressful time of abuse for his mother, this time it went too far and resulted in his father’s friend, Eli Creed, killing Cord’s mother and father, and leaving him for dead as well. It was the beginning of a search for the elusive murderer that takes Cord to Ogallala ...
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