Matt Slaughter

Three Book Series
Outlaw charles g west 217 x 350

May 2006


Book 1 of the Matt Slaughter Series

When war came to the Shenandoah Valley, Matt Slaughter and his older brother, Owen joined the Confederate Army to defend their homeland. When the cause was lost, the brothers returned home only to find that Owen’s farm has fallen into the hands of swindlers. When Owen accidentally kills a Union officer during an argument over the land, Matt takes the blame since he has no wife or children. Facing a sham trial and a very real noose, he escapes to the West where he saves the life of another fugitive. Though a breed apart from other men branded Outlaw, they are hunted just as relentlessly.

the hostile trail charles g west 217 x 350

September 2006


Book 2 of the Matt Slaughter Series

In the winter of 1866, partners Matt Slaughter and Ike Brister are camping in the Bighorn Mountains. A clash with a Sioux hunting party led by war chief, Iron Claw, turns the knee-deep snow red with blood and creates a bitter hatred for the two scouts that threatens to follow them throughout Sioux territory. With Iron Claw attacking any whites using the Bozeman Trail, Matt and Ike return to Fort Laramie to scout for the army. When Matt’s special friend, Molly, is taken captive by Iron Claw, a showdown with the fearsome war chief is inevitable.

vengeance moon charles g west 217 x 350

January 2007


Book 3 of the Matt Slaughter Series

On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, Matt Slaughter is lying low in the badlands with a new life and a new woman. But old trouble is right behind him in the form of P.D. Wildmoon, a bounty hunter who never plays by the rules. Wildmoon’s three murderous sons complete the posse from Hell whose mission is to bring Slaughter back, dead or alive.

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