Little Wolf

Three Book Series

July 1999


Book 1 in the Little Wolf Series

Robert Allred was an unwanted child. His parents sold him to a mule skinner who provided him with a meager and unloved existence, until fate permitted Robert to escape, Adopted by Arapaho Indians, then raised in a Cheyenne camp, he was given the name Little Wolf, and learned the ways of the warrior and hunter….but the U.S. Cavalry decimated Little Wolf’s people and drove the survivors into the mountains where Little Wolf must now prepare to take the warpath against the people who first gave him birth.

bitter root charles g west

October 1999


Book 2 in the Little Wolf Series

Tom Allred, Little Wolf’s brother by blood, devoted his life to the United States Army. Under George Armstrong Custer, he fought the Sioux and Cheyenne at the Little Bighorn. But because of his decision to help the notorious Cheyenne warrior, Little Wolf, escape, he is cashiered out of the army. Now making his way as a trapper, he has a confrontation with an army patrol, killing a sergeant in the action. Now he is a fugitive, and is hunted by the army as well as an infamous bounty hunter.

Large Print

February 2000


Book 3 in the Little Wolf Series

White-born, Cheyenne-raised warrior, Little Wolf, has left his rage on the battlefield after the Custer massacre at Little Bighorn. With his wife and her family, Little Wolf seeks the peace of the high mountains where he intends to raise horses. While away on a hunting trip, a renegade posse descends upon his cabin, killing all but his wife. She is taken to Fort Lapwai to be used as bait to capture the notorious Little Wolf. The soldiers don’t know what they’re getting into.

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