Jason Cole

Three Book Series

March 1998


Book 1 of the Jason Cole Series

Retired Army scout, Jason Coles is called upon to lend his master tracking skills in an attempt to run to ground the savage Cheyenne renegade, Stone Hand. It soon becomes a cat and mouse game that tests the strength and courage of both the hunter and the hunter.

black eagle jason cole charles g west

August 1998


Book 2 of the Jason Cole Series

For legendary tracker Jason Coles, the hatred and violence didn’t end with the death of the renegade, Stone Hand. Now Coles has returned home to find his ranch ablaze, his wife murdered, and his infant son vanished. Stricken with grief and rage Coles takes to the Oklahoma hills to find his son, matching wits with a savage warrior called Black Eagle.

February 1999


Book 3 of the Jason Cole Series

When a stubbornly independent young woman reporter sets out to find Sitting Bull’s camp, panicking her publisher father, Jason Coles is the best hope to catch up with her and save her hide. It takes every bit of skill and grit Coles possesses because he is called upon to face angry Cheyenne, a Sioux hunting party, and a pair of nasty white traders while contending with the stubborn spirit of the woman as well.

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