Clay & Jim Culver

Four Book Series

September 2002


Book 1 of the Clay & Jim Culver Series

Abducted by Blackfoot Indians, Martha Vinings fears for her very life. But in the camp of her captors, she learns that true meaning of freedom. After serving in the Civil war, Clay Culver vows never to fight again, until he learns of his sister’s abduction. Clay’s search leads him deep into the heart of a savage conflict raging among the Blackfoot, the Crow, and Union soldier profiteers. He’ll stop at nothing to rescue his sister….and she doesn’t want to be saved.

Hero's Stand, Book 2 of the Clay & Jim Culver Series

March 2003


Book 2 of the Clay & Jim Culver Series

Hidden among the Montana mountains, Canyon Creek is the perfect little town for Simon Fry and his gang of outlaws to hole up in for the winter. the town is gullible enough to believe Fry’s claim that his men are militia sent to protect them from hostile Indians. Jim Culver is new in town himself, but he knows a rat when he sees one. It isn’t long befor Fry’s gang starts to bleed the town, and Jim Culver is the only man who can stop them.

October 2003


Book 3 of the Clay & Jim Culver Series

Jim Culver is on the run. The U.S. Army doesn’t take kindly to civilians killing their officers – even if in self-defense. They’ve hired the bounty hunter from hell to catch him. If bounty hunters are a breed apart, then Slocum is the worst of them all. Big, nasty, and bullying, he could be the personification of pure evil. What he doesn’t count on is Jim Culver’s Winchester .73 and his ability to use it.

bloody hills charles g west

October 2004


Book 4 of the Clay & Jim Culver Series

Small but deadly with a gun, Billy Ray Blevins has made a reputation for himself as a gunslinger. After one cold-blooded murder too many, the town people form a posse to go after Billy Ray. They turn back after Billy Ray flees to the Black Hills – that is, all but the widow of the man he murdered and a deputy. Hardly qualified to undertake the task, in spite of their determination, they are fortunate to happen upon the one man more than able – Clay Culver, a scout whose tracking skills are second to none.

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