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reno's island charles g west

Reno’s Island

Laura Hammond, an advertising executive, and the daughter of Senator Eugene Hammond, a crime-fighting congressman, is abducted from a shopping mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spirited away by two mobsters who are members of a Philadelphia crime family, she is held prisoner on an uncharted island somewhere off the coast of Florida. An unlikely hero appears to free her from the two gangsters, and the two of them are now on the run. Not at all confident that she is better off with the wild-looking man who claims to have lost his memory, she is forced to fight for her ...
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The Marble Hill Hotel

The year is 1950. Young John Reed, a newly graduated Textile Engineer, lands his first job as a trainee in a Goodyear mill in the small town of Rockledge, Georgia. His financial situation dictates the necessity to seek a room in a boarding house for bachelor mill workers. From his first day at the Marble Hill, John discovers that his life will never be the same after exposure to the cast of zany characters there. The story is humorous, raunchy at times, and written with the safety off. Amazon eBook
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The Tenant

Jesse Campbell is a sociopath, horribly disfigured, monstrous in size and wanted for murder. He is spotted on a construction site next to a research hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Resisting capture, Campbell attacks police, killing one and wounding another. He is mortally wounded with a bullet through the brain. Dr. Chris Warren, a transplant specialist, researching the transplantation of the human brain, happens upon the scene and attempts to save the wounded monster’s life. In the process, Campbell stabs Dr. Warren through the heart with a screwdriver. Warren’s assistant, Dr. John Sumner, is forced to make a desperate decision, and ...
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