Long Road to Cheyenne

 July 2013

Young Cam Sutton is convinced that he has herded cows long enough, so he decides to leave his job working for Colonel Charles Coffee at Rawhide Buttes, and head for the Black Hills to see if there’s any future for him in panning for gold. His carefree journey is interrupted, however, when he happens upon a stagecoach holdup in progress near Hat Creek. His help in driving the road agents off, results in his meeting with Mary Bishop and her two young daughters. They are on their way to find Mary’s husband’s mining claim near Custer City. Cam agrees to guide them there where they find that Mary’s husband has been killed, leaving her to share a very profitable gold mine with her brother-in-law. The problem then is how to get her fortune back to Fort Collins safely when several outlaws find out about the lady’s gold.