Crow Creek Crossing

July 2014


Newlyweds, Cole Bonner and his wife, Ann decide to join her sister’s family on a journey to a piece of land her brother-in-law had purchased on Chugwater Creek in Wyoming Territory with plans to buy their own land close by. Trouble starts when they reach the end of the railroad line at Crow Creek Crossing in the form of Slade Corbett and his gang of outlaws. It’s Cole’s misfortune to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in his killing of one of Corbett’s men. That is not the worst of his trouble, however, for on a return to the homestead after a trip into Cheyenne, Cole finds his and his brother-in-law’s family murdered. There is nothing left of Cole’s life but to hunt down every last member of the gang that was responsible for the massacre.