Published July 25th

To Hell and Gone

The Hunters - Book 1

From acclaimed, Spur Award-winning author Charles G. West, the first in an epic new series about the making of an American legend. Set in 19th century Yellowstone, this is the story of Crazy Wolf.

Orphaned in a massacre. Raised by Crow Indians. Destined to become a powerful hunter, a legendary scout, and a true American hero . . .

As a widower with three young boys, Duncan Hunter dreamed of a new life for his sons in the heart of Washington Territory. But the journey was doomed from the start. Before reaching Hell Gate, their wagon train was attacked by Blackfoot Indians. Most of the pioneers were viciously murdered. But Hunter’s son Cody survived—taken in by Crow Indians and raised as one of their own. They called the boy Crazy Wolf. This is his story . . .

From hunting and tracking on the American frontier to leading patrols on covert missions for the U.S. Army, Cody Hunter would become one of the most valued scouts in the nation. But a part of him would always be Crazy Wolf—a man of two worlds, as wild and free as the land itself. And every bit as dangerous . . .

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Charles G West

Winner of the 2018 Spur Award for Best Paperback Western for Hell Hath No Fury.

The author of nearly fifty action-packed westerns, his fascination with and respect for the pioneers who braved the wild frontier of the great American West inspire him to devote his full time to writing historical novels.

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