Jordan Gray Series


DEVIL'S KIN: January 2005 - Jordan Gray rode with a posse of townfolk to track a gang of killers. While out looking for the killers, they doubled back and struck his homestead, slaughtering his entire family. Unwilling to wait for the town to form another posse, Jordan goes after the gang by himself. As bad luck would have it, the law in Fort Smith mistake Jordan as one of the gang, and he is forced to make his escape. He is now the hunted as well as the hunter.

HANGMAN'S SONG: July 2005 - Preacher Nathaniel Rix and his sons bring the Word of the Lord to the lost souls settled on the Western frontier - and deliver salvation from the end of a gun barrel. All are sinners, and all are dispensed accordingly. Their downfall is crossing paths with Jordan Gray. Jordan is falsely accused of one of Rix's murders, and finds himself hunted by the town posse as well as Rix.

CRUEL RIDER: December 2005 - Bill Pike wasn't born a bad man. It took years of hardscrabble living a a cruel, violent nature to forge Bill into the savage killer he became. When his wife runs off to escape his violence, Pike goes after her for a reckoning. When Polly Pike asks Jordan Gray to take her to Deadwood to find her aunt, he has no idea of the trouble that is about to come his way.