Trace McCall Series


WINGS OF THE HAWK: August 2000 - At just fourteen, Jim Tracey found himself without a friend in the world, running from the Indian war party that had killed his father. But he was saved by a pair of grizzled old fur trappers, and he learned to fend for himself and live off the land. When Jim finally returns home to St. Louis, he finds that there was more to his father's murder than he had thought. Now he must untangle a thick web of lies, and in the end, come face to face with the murderer, but not as the young boy, Jim Tracey - but as a man, called Trace McCall.

MOUNTAIN HAWK: January 2001 - Mountain man Trace McCall has already seen enough violence in his life, so he seeks the solitude of the mountains. However trouble seems to find him when he decides to help some settlers find their way to Fort Bridger. The journey puts Trace on the wrong side of two violent men and a group of renegade Blackfoot Indians on a murderous mission. Then he learns that a pretty friend, Jamie Thrash, has been abducted, and Trace goes after her, entering a world of warring Indians and hostile whites.

SON OF THE HAWK: November 2001 - Over a decade ago, a Shoshoni maiden loved mountain man Trace McCall. Her father did not approve of the union and stole her away - unaware that she was carrying the white man's child. She married a member of her tribe to give her son a father, naming the child White Eagle. A war party of Sioux slaughters the Shoshoni camp, but the child escapes. With no place to run, White Eagle decides to find his white father.