Non-Series Books






DUEL AT LOW HAWK: July 2007 - Boot Stoner spent twelve years of his life behind bars for stealing a horse and rustling cattle. Upon release, he adds murder and kidnapping to his criminal skills, slaughtering his own parents before exacting revenge upon the man responsible for his incarceration, and abducting a young Creek girl his folks adopted. The best hope for stopping Stoner's bloody rampage in Oklahoma Indian Territory is the veteran manhunter, John Ward, deputy marshal.

TANNER'S LAW: Jan 2008 - Tanner Bland leaves his Virginia home on foot to fight for Dixie and rides back on a fine horse. Most folks would call that a profit - until they consider his loss. Thinking him dead, his intended marries his brother shortly before Tanner returns home. With no desire to remain in Virginia, Tanner heads west to join an old army pal. The two friends are destined for a world of trouble in the form of the Leach brothers in the untamed Montana Territory.

RANGE WAR IN WHISKEY HILL: July 2008 - Almost ten years ago, wild eighteen-year-old Colt McCrea was sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Now he's received grim news that his father has been murdered - shot in the back. He returns to Whiskey Hill, Wyoming, but he's not welcomed by everyone. Colt means trouble because he thinks he knows who killed his father. He suspects Frank Drummond, a ruthless cattle baron who wants more land and will bury anyone who gets in his way. But Colt is no longer a kid with a chip on his shoulder. He returns home a prison-hardened man with a mind for justice.

LUKE'S GOLD: November, 2008 - Young Cade Hunter knows horses. He's worked with them since he was a small child, and his ambition has always been to have his own ranch where he can raise them. Hearing tales that there are many herds of wild horses in Montana Territory, he hires on with a cattle drive to work his way to Miles City. On the drive, he befriends Luke Tucker, and by the end of the drive, Luke tells him of a gold shipment, lost during the Civil War, and that he knows where it is. The two new partners decide to go after the gold, but trouble in the form of Lem Snider is just the first of many obstacles that turns their journey into a fight for life, for Snider knows that Luke was one of the escort troops on the gold shipment. He wants the gold, too, and Snider doesn't intend to share.

LAWLESS PRAIRIE: February, 2009 - Young Clint Conner made a decision when he was eighteen to free a spirited Appaloosa from the cruel treatment the horse was receiving at the hands of the owner's foreman. Clint was brought up before the judge on a count of horse stealing and sentenced to half a dozen years in prison. A bit harsh, but understandable when one considers the judge was also the owner of the horse.

When notorious outlaw, Clell Ballenger pulls off a daring daylight escape from The Wyoming Territorial Prison, Clint happens to be caught up in the middle of it, and is forced to escape with Ballenger because the outlaw plans to leave no witnesses. At first opportunity, Clint parts ways with the hunted killer and his gang, but it seems that his destiny demands that he cannot avoid crossing paths with Ballenger as well as deputy marshal Zach Clayton. Clayton has a reputation for always getting his man, and he's not about to soil it when it comes to Clint or Ballenger.

SHOOT-OUT AT BROKEN BOW: August, 2009 - Outlaw Roy Blanton has raised his four sons in the family business - robbery, cattle rustling, and murder. But when U.S. Deputy Marshal Casey Dixon hauls Billy, the youngest Blanton, in to the gallows to hang for murder, he invokes the wrath of old Roy and his sons and is marked for death. Buck Avery, the oldest and most famous deputy marshal to operate out of Fort Smith's jurisdiction, partners with Casey on a quest to rid the territory of the Blantons. Both young and old marshal prefers to work alone, but since Buck had run the Blantons out of Indian Territory some years back, Marshal John Council figures it a good idea to team the two deputies on this job.

THE BLACKFOOT TRAIL: December, 2009 - Despite his apathy toward white folks, mountain man Joe Fox reluctantly agrees to lead a group of settlers through the Rockies to Oregon. Taken aback by their appreciation, he soon finds himself enjoying their company - especially the attentions of young Callie Simmons. That is, until her parents warn Joe to keep his distance. But they should have worried about Max Starbeau. A wolf in sheep's clothing, he travels with the party until the opportunity arises to steal and murder - and then to kidnap Callie for good measure. When the settlers find themselves unable to track Starbeau, they once again turn to Joe Fox.

STORM IN PARADISE VALLEY: April, 2010 - Jason Storm has had a career any lawman would be proud of, but now he's ready to take off the badge and begin a peaceful life as a modest cattle rancher. With the help of a generous benefactor, Storm is able to make a fresh start in Paradise Valley. But trouble comes in the form of six outlaws who raid Storm's benefactor, killing him and ambushing his men. After the massacre, the outlaws decide to take over the town. When the sheriff resigns rather than face the gang, and the law in town is represented by a young and inexperienced deputy, Jason Storm had no choice but to climb back in the saddle.

WAR CRY: August, 2010 - Will Cason, cavalry scout at Camp Supply, rescues a young widow named Sarah from an ambush by Cheyenne warriors. Will's deadly skill with a Winchester rifle results in the deaths of several Cheyenne and earns him a mortal enemy in the person of Bloody Hand, a Cheyenne war chief. After seeing Sarah and her young daughter to safety at Fort Dodge, Will reports back to the army for scouting duties, but finds he has formed a rather strong attachment to both mother and daughter. It seems unlikely he will see them again when Bloody Hand leads a major attack against the army, with a special emphasis upon killing the white devil who killed his warriors.

THUNDER OVER LOLO PASS: April, 2011 - The three McCloud brothers know the Bitterroot Mountains better than most anyone in the territory. So it's not so unusual that someone would ask their help to find a missing person in those rugged mountains. What is unusual, however, is the someone who comes to them. Roberta Morris, a lovely young lady, is worried about her uncle who is prospecting for gold somewhere in the Bitterroots, but her family has not heard from him in over a year. His last message inferred that he had struck it rich.

Of course, the brothers, Cullen, Jug, and Cody are more than willing to help the damsel in distress. Problems arise, however, when they learn that Frank Burdette and his lawless companions are also aware of her uncle's strike, and are intent upon stealing it for themselves. To further complicate things, everyone in the Bitterroot Valley is concerned over reports that Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Indians are crossing the Lolo Pass into the valley to escape the soldiers trying to drive them to the reservation.

RIDE THE HIGH RANGE: December, 2010 - Young Jim Moran has never had a real family, but his sense of honor and razor-sharp instincts have earned him a loyal partner who introduces him to a new life with an Indian tribe - and a new name: Rider Twelve Horses.

When his friend is brutalized by a trio of killers, no obstacle will stop Rider's merciless pursuit of justice. Not the obsessed army lieutenant determined to see him hanged. Not one woman's unspoken love, or another's bitter betrayal will deter his quest for vengeance.

LEFT HAND OF THE LAW: July, 2011 - After a corrupt deputy killed his family, burned down his home, and left him with nothing but a sword scar across his face, Ben Cutler came back to settle the score. The townsfolk called it justice, but a judge called it murder - so now Cutler is on the run, a wanted man.
Trailed by an obsessed federal marshal, ambushed by a vengeful Sioux warrior, and running afoul of a low-down scoundrel in Deadwood, Cutler is in for a long, hard ride before he can find any peace. But when he comes to the aid of a westbound family, he begins to discover something he thought he'd lost forever: hope.

OUTLAW PASS: October, 2011 - Adam Blaine was always content to stay on his family's cattle ranch on the Yellowstone. Unlike his brother, Jake, who never could resist the open road - or the prospect of gold. But when Jake doesn't return home, Adam sets off looking for him, never expecting to find hell waiting for him.

Because where there's gold, there are thieves. And these thieves don't think twice about putting a bullet in a man. But when a case of mistaken identity turns Adam into a "vigilante" on the run, he find himself in the company of a miner and prostitutes also with targets on their heads. Will he be able to honor his brother without sacrificing his own hide?

DEATH IS THE HUNTER: February, 2012 - The heat was becoming unbearable as he carried his mother's body back through the kitchen and out the flaming back doorway. Once outside, he tried to draw deep breaths of fresh air into his aching lungs as he laid her body on the cool ground, then quickly stamped out the flames that were chewing at the edges of the blanket. Without hesitation, back into the burning house he charged. Grabbing his father's body by the boots, he dragged the heavy man out the door and onto the porch, barely seconds before he heard the sound of roof timbers crashing to the floor inside.

Anxious to get away from the scorching heat, he pulled his father to the edge of the porch until his boots reached the ground, then he grabbed his wrists and pulled him upright. Franklin Chapel was a big man, but his thirteen-year-old son pulled his body over on his shoulder and picked him up, carrying him away from the burning house to lay him gently on the ground beside his wife. Then the boy sat down on the ground beside his parents and cried. It was the last time he would ever cry.

From that fateful day forward, there was only one reason for Chapel's existence and that was to track down his parents' murderers. It was a quest that would take him many years past his boyhood, and down some dangerous roads.

A MAN CALLED SUNDAY: June, 2012 - No one knew much about Luke Sunday. He was said to have lived for some time with both the Cheyenne and the Crows. They only knew for sure that he came into Fort Laramie with a party of Crow warriors to volunteer as a scout for General George Crook in a campaign against the Sioux. From the start, Luke didn't get along with Bill Bogart, who was established as the chief bully among Crook's scouts. The bad blood between them only worsened when Bogart was responsible for a cavalry attack on a peaceful Cheyenne village on the Powder River after assuring the army that it was Crazy Horse's Sioux village. The trouble that ensued, resulted in a nasty fight between Luke and Bogart, and Luke's dismissal as a scout.

Out of a job, Luke was talked into guiding a man and his wife to the settlement of Coulson on the Yellowstone. John and Mary Beth Freeman had managed to make their way as far as Fort Fetterman, but the army could not provide escort for them beyond that point. It turned out to be a perilous journey with near disasterous conflicts with both Indians and white men, as well as the appearance of Luke's old enemy, Bill Bogart.

DAY OF THE WOLF: September, 2012 - Orphaned at age eleven when a Sioux war party struck his mother and father's wagon train, young Tom Logan, the only survivor of the attack, had no choice but to escape to the nearby mountains. Independent by nature, the boy learned to survive in the wilderness early on, and found that it was an existence that suited him well. When still a young man, however, he made friends with a Crow hunter, and as a result spent several years in a Crow village. That relationship ended when his friend was killed in a battle with another tribe. He decided then that it was time to move on to explore country he had never seen. That decision caused him to experience adventures he never anticipated, starting with his encounter with a wagon carrying three prostitutes whose guide had deserted them. He agreed to guide them to Fort Laramie, thinking that would be the end of the partnership. Instead, the journey led to an encounter with a family of outlaws and a price upon his head, and ignited the fury of the man the Shoshone called Wolf.

BLACK HORSE CREEK: December, 2012 - Jacob Blanchard, a ruthless cattle baron is the father of three sons, reared in the mold of their father. His favorite, however, is his youngest, Billy, and he at times is more than his father can handle. When Billy robs a bank in Indian Territory, killing a teller in the process, then kills a U.S. deputy marshal who comes to arrest him, he is forced to run to Kansas to evade the law.

Determined to catch Billy and hang him on the gallows at Fort Smith, U.S. Marshal John Council sends for the one man he knows he can trust to track Billy down, a man known only as Grayson. Few people know much about Grayson, except that he at one time had been a deputy marshal. Lately, he sometimes works as a bounty hunter. John Council offers a deal attractive enough to make Grayson accept the challenge. As Grayson discovers, finding Billy and arresting him is the easy part. Escorting him all the way across Oklahoma Indian Territory is another thing entirely. For Jacob Blanchard will stop at nothing to prevent him from taking Billy to the gallows.

WAY OF THE GUN: March, 2013 - Out of the frying pan, into the fire. It appears that Carson Ryan's summer is fated to land him in one tight spot after another. Trouble with cattle rustlers backfires, landing Carson in a conflict with U.S. Deputy Marshal, Luther Moody. Carson's sin? - Wanting to go to Montana to find work with cattle, the one thing he knows well.

Along the way, he encounters the notorious outlaw, Red Shirt, a Sioux half-breed, and is forced to ride with his gang of murderers. Only a chance union with Frank and Jonah Thompson, and Frank's wife, Nancy gives him an opportunity to escape marshals still hunting him, as well as leaving Red Shirt.

LONG ROAD TO CHEYENNE: July, 2013 - Young Cam Sutton is convinced that he has herded cows long enough, so he decides to leave his job working for Colonel Charles Coffee at Rawhide Buttes, and head for the Black Hills to see if there's any future for him in panning for gold. His carefree journey is interrupted, however, when he happens upon a stagecoach holdup in progress near Hat Creek. His help in driving the road agents off, results in his meeting with Mary Bishop and her two young daughters. They are on their way to find Mary's husband's mining claim near Custer City. Cam agrees to guide them there where they find that Mary's husband has been killed, leaving her to share a very profitable gold mine with her brother-in-law. The problem then is how to get her fortune back to Fort Collins safely when several outlaws find out about the lady's gold.

MARK OF THE HUNTER: October, 2013 - The image of his mother's death had been etched upon his mind so clearly, a picture that would dwell in his subconscious forever. Cord Malone was only twelve years old when his outlaw father and one of his gang returned home after several months on the road. Always a stressful time of abuse for his mother, this time it went too far and resulted in his father's friend, Eli Creed, killing Cord's mother and father, and leaving him for dead as well. It was the beginning of a search for the elusive murderer that takes Cord to Ogallala where he finds work at a large cattle ranch. Upon hearing that Eli Creed has been seen in Cheyenne, Cord leaves the ranch to find him. A chance meeting with outlaw, Bill Dooley, provides him with a partner, for Dooley once rode with Creed, and can help to find him. Cord's search is interrupted when he hears that the ranch he worked for in Ogallala is involved in a range war. He feels obligated to return to help them, leaving him uncertain if he will ever settle with Eli Creed.

SILVER CITY MASSACRE: January, 2014 - After Lee's surrender ending the Civil War. Lieutenant Joel McAllister decides to resign his commission in the Confederate Army. Having had enough of war and the army, he decides to go out to Idaho Territory to join his brother, who has a mining claim near the town of Silver City. Joel's long faithful sergeant, Riley Tarver asks to go with him, so the two partners head west through Comanche country. Along the way, they increase their party to four when they come upon a woman and a young girl, the only survivors of a Comanche attack. Joined later on by a Bannock warrior, the party of five head to Silver City, only to find Joel's brother involved in a claims war.

WRATH OF THE SAVAGE: March, 2014 - When a band of Blackfeet Indians attacks two homesteads along the Yellowstone River, they leave behind nothing but wreckage and blood. Lieutenant Bret Hollister is charged with finding two women who were taken hostage by the Blackfeet. But when an unfortunate mishap results in the massacre of almost his entire patrol, he's forced to return to Fort Ellis a failure.

Betrayed by the survivors of his patrol, Bret is stripped of his rank and resigns from the army in shame. But he hasn't forgotten the two women whose lives are at stake. So with the help of old trapper and scout Nate Coldiron, Bret resolves to go after the captured women.

TRIAL AT FORT KEOGH: December, 2014 - When Sioux raiders descend on the Yellowstone Valley threatening not only the livestock, but the local residents as well, Clint Cooper's tracking skills are sought by the army to track them. Not everyone appreciates his efforts to protect the people of the nearby town of Miles City. The crooked lawmen of the town have an agenda of their own and Clint winds up right in their way. They want him eliminated, so they try to turn the people of the town and the cavalry from Fort Keogh against him.

THE DEVIL'S POSSE: March, 2015 - Logan Cross and his younger brother Billy find themselves at the end of a cattle drive in Fort Pierre, Dakota Territory with no plans beyond returning to Ogallala to sign on with another drive. Their plans are changed when they are offered a job to help drive a herd of horses to Sturgis, in the foothills of the Black Hills. However, before leaving Fort Pierre, they have the misfortune to encounter Jake Morgan and a couple of his gang in a saloon. Jake's rough treatment of a prostitute finally reaches the point where Logan has to step in. The result is a broken nose and a stinging defeat for Jake that he swears to avenge, but he has to remain in town to await his brother Quincy, who has just been released from prison. Logan and Billy leave to drive the horses to Sturgis, but as fate would have it, their troubles with Quincy Morgan and his gang have just begun.

SLATER'S WAY: July, 2015 - Ne'er-do-well small-time outlaw John Slater Engels becomes the victim of a hanging when he kills a man in a saloon fight. His death leaves a desolate widow, a young son, Jace, and Engels' partner, Henry Weed. Weed, a man of little character moves in on his late partner's widow, much to the disgust of young Jace. Trouble comes early for Jace when he determines to recover his father's body from the hanging pole. In the process, he is forced to shoot a man. To escape a posse, the boy flees to the nearby mountains. He is fortunate to encounter Teddy Lightfoot who lives with a small village of Crow Indians who have chosen to live in the Absaroka Mountains instead of going to the reservation. Jace thrives in that environment and grows to be a respected scout and hunter. His services as a scout for the army cause him to become hated by Iron Pony, a feared Sioux war chief. Iron Pony, however, is not the worst trouble awaiting the young scout, who only goes by his middle name, Slater.